Can-am decals

For those can-am fans who are not North American based, finding quality can-am graphics can be difficult.

But, Bruno Plantivaux 0f Vintage Stickers can supply a great range of decals and race shirts for both can-ams and many other vintage bikes.

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Website update on its way!

Having just returned form Canada where canned-ham attended the Bombardier museum, complete with private access to the archives and the Thistle vintage event, where I met up with David Mclean (developer of the can-am flat tracker), I now have a huge amount of information that needs to be added to the website.

Hopefully in the next few weeks a lot more information will be added.

But I’m always looking for more! – if you have any information, were involved with can-ams during their time, or are just a fan, let me know.

And if you missed the Thistle, you missed a great Canadian event – keep your eyes on the website as I’m promised it will run again next year. John Lake and the Sasquatch Racing team did a great job of putting on and hosting the event.

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Sometimes I get random photos sent to me, but the moodiness of this great shot is just terrific. It says everything about growing up in Canada in the ’70s.

Andy Thorpe shares the story “Here is a photo of my friend Bart that I took  in Josephburg Alberta in 1976 with a Polaroid camera I bought at Bart’s family garage sale.   The jump was an intersecting driveway into the rec centre off the road going past the grain elevators.  We would get a run at the jump on the road past the elevators, cut right down into the ditch, jump over the intersecting driveway, and get on the brakes immediately after landing to avoid running into a chain link fence.  At the time I was riding a 75 Harley Z90 (still have it)  I bent my forks out from underneath the bike upon landing this jump!”

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The Last Ride – 30 years on

The Last Ride is documented on the website here:

At this years Terra Nova Enduro, and in memory of Ilkka Jalaskari, the original attendees decided to reunite in celebration on the 30 year anniversary of the demise of Can-Am. They haven’t aged a bit!

Many thanks to Grant Bond and Bob Turnbull for providing the image.

Can-am Last Ride, 30 years later

Back Row: Scott Walker, 1987 CA 406 ASE, Ross Lennox 1987 406 ASE, Bob Kendall 1984 CA 250 L/C ASE, Gary Klassen, 1987 CA 406 ASE, Steve Brand, 1987 CA 250 ASE , , Steve Turnbull, 1987 CA 406 ASE, Bob Turnbull 1987 CA 200 ASE,  Ian Peters, 1987 CA 406 ASE, Grant Bond 1985 CA 250 ASE

Front Row: Blair Sharpless, 1987 CA 250 ASE, Ilkka Jalaskari’s ISDE red fleece jacket hanging on the bars.

Bikes: Bob Turnbull’s  1987 CA200 ASE, Blair Sharpless’s 1987 ISDE bike.

Last ride Can-Am Riders that day missing from picture: Dave Marr 1987 CA 250 ASE , , Chris Ellis, 1985 CA Sonic 560.

RIP: Ilkka Jalaskari, 1987 CA 250 ASE, January 2017, Nigel Read, 1985 CA 500 ASE, June 2017

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UK Vinduro Action

A couple of pictures from the Doddington Vinduro, just to prove I do get out on my bikes.

The best event of the year is yet to happen, being the Hot Trod Vinduro, help in beautiful Northumberland near the Scottish borders. Entries open soon, so keep a watch on

Photos by Alan Turnbull Photography

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